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Lessons from Leaders with Host Mike Lyons

Michael J. Lyons

Lessons from Leaders is a podcast series designed to educate, entertain, inspire and motivate us to make positive changes in our lives through the shared experiences of our guests who represent the worlds of business, politics, sports, entertainment, and other fields. I’ve always been fascinated with how accomplished people got to where they are. Everyone has a different backstory and journey, but if you’re like me, we want to know what’s the secret sauce - what are the things successful people do to keep their momentum going and what do they focus on? Each episode takes a deep dive into what makes effective leaders tick, and gets to the root of the question “how did you get here?" Drawn from a diverse pool of trail blazers, each guest shares their compelling journey and the obstacles they overcame as they navigated their careers on the road to success. I ask them how they started out, why they chose their career path, what they learned, the mistakes they made, the challenges they defeated, and what their leadership style is.It all adds up to a master class on how to become the best of the best. Enjoy and spread the word! Mike Lyons Email: mlyons@lyonspride.us https://www.michaeljlyons.com/